2014 Bible Bowl Contest – Pixs and Winners – Summer July 26th

Below are pictures from Friendship Baptist 2014/Summer Bible Bowl Contest held on Saturday, July 26th.

The Contest consists of two groups: Adults and Youth; and each group (separately) were asked questions from the Bible (King James Version).

Here is the outline of winners and congratulations to all of them on their outstanding performance and studies!



Pix 1_BB_2014 Adult Contestants Adult Contestants

Pix 5_BB_FBC Youth_Bible Sword Portion. JPGYouth Contestants

Pix 3_BB_FBC Teachers as ContestantsSunday School Teachers Contestants

Pix 2_BB_Gift Basket with Gift CardsHomemade Gift Basket and Certificates for the Winners 

Pix 6_BB_FBC_Three Judges at Front TableBible Bowl – Three Judge Panel

Pix 9_BB_Youth Winner_Aleessa Akegnan_Green and Pink Youth, 1st Placer Winner, Ms. Aleessa Akegnan (in green & pink)

Pix 7_BB_Adult Winner_James Ellison_Blue ShirtAdult, 1st Placer Winner, Mr. James Ellison (in blue shirt, left side)

Pix 8_BB_Pastor Sykes_At Podium_Speech at the End Paster H.Gene Sykes’ gives congratulations speech to participants and winners


Once again, thank you for visiting our website; and if you want to know more about our Bible Bowl Contest in Fall October 2014, please email us at FBCBayonne@aol.com or keep checking our website for more details!!